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Candle Labels

Print Your Own Custom Candle Labels

Candle Labelling

Candles are a $2 billion market, and 7 out of 10 households in the USA burn candles, according to the National Candle Association*. Candle makers sell so many fragrances, colors, and sizes that their need for a “wide variety” of photo-quality labels is really an understatement. Some large candle manufacturers offer between 1,000 – 2,000 different candles!

You know candle labels have a significant impact on candle sales, whether your business makes candles to sell in your own retail store or through distribution, and whether you sell your own brand candles, private label candles, or personalized candles. A candle’s label attracts shoppers to pick it up, and adds to their enjoyment of the candle by evoking images associated with the fragrance.

But getting the variety of candles labels you want when you need them can be difficult.

  • How can you avoid buying thousands of candle labels at a time and paying high minimum purchase requirements?
  • How can you avoid waiting weeks to design, proof, and print new candle labels?
  • How can you prototype new candle labels?
Candle Labels

The answer is that they buy a Kiaro! inkjet label printer and start printing their own candle labels. The Kiaro! is great for printing larger quantities of candle labels for wholesale and private label customers and for printing small quantities of personalized wedding favor candle labels, corporate gift candle labels, candle labels for fundraisers, and custom candle labels that commemorate special events.

Printing special seasonal candle labels are a major reason that candle makers purchase the Kiaro! label printer. After all, 35% of candle sales are made during the holiday shopping season.

*Source: National Candle Association