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Horticulture Labels

Print Your Own Horticulture Labels with QuickLabel Digital Printers

Horticulture Labelling

With a QuickLabel printer in-house, growers and wholesalers can print tags and pressure-sensitive labels with the logo, brand name, and "look" required to offer plants private labeled for distributors and garden centers. And growers can maintain quality by labelling each plant with tracking information such as lot number, work crew codes, and the date of planting. Labelling can be done in the tray or pot, and labeled stock can be shipped directly to distributors, retailers, or finish growers.

Horticulture Labeling

QuickLabel printers satisfy all plant labelling needs in one step by producing permanent labels with vivid graphics and identification and tracking information. Plant photo, common and species name, care instructions, barcode, suggested retail price, and more can be printed instantly and simultaneously, directly from a computer.

  • Profitably produce labels for private label orders, even in low volumes.

  • Quickly fulfill orders with high speed printing and capacity to handle continuous production.

  • Produce up-to-date labels from digital files created or edited just moments before.

  • Print permanent labels that resist abrasion and exposure to moisture and UV light.

  • Simplify production by printing labels on-demand. Avoid placing "minimum" orders of pre-printed labels and maintaining an inventory of labels that could become obsolete.