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Prototype Labels

Print Your Own Prototype Labels

Prototype Labelling

Packaging engineers and designers, marketers, product managers, and others involved with new product development are constantly faced with a dilemma: how to rapidly produce realistic-looking prototypes while staying within budget.

Printing prototype labels, sample labels, or mock-up labels is often the answer – and QuickLabel offers a way to print prototype labels in small quantities.

QuickLabel’s desktop Kiaro! inkjet label printer is ideal for printing small or large quantities of prototype labels in photo-quality.

Prototype Labeling

The digital Kiaro! is easy to use, and connects directly to a computer. Simply create artwork for prototype labels, mock-up labels, or sample labels in your favorite software and press File > Print to instantly produce custom Colour labels within a wide Colour gamut.

You can even use the Kiaro! as a proofing printer for other print jobs.

The Kiaro! can print on die-cut labels of any virtually any shape, in matte or gloss finish. The Kiaro! can print as little as one label, or as much as 40 feet of labels per minute.

Every Kiaro! is included with Custom QuickLabel® labelling software so that you can easily add barcodes and QR codes to your label artwork.

Can you benefit? To find out, contact us and we’ll explain whether you can benefit from printing your own labels based on your need for prototype labels.